Monday, April 10, 2017


Yo fam, 

Hey whats up, this week was pretty sick not gonna lie. But my time as a missionary in La Cima has come to an end. I'm training again.!!  Yeah buddy Hijo number 3!!  Its gonna be sick, his name is Elder Batz, I think...I need to confirm that on Wednesday when I go see him. ITS GONNA BE SICK! 

My new area will be Armenia Izalco, its a cool area or so I have heard.  It's a ward also so there will be a lot of members to support us. I'm stoked about it. But at the same time I'm super sad to be leaving La Cima, this place was soooo good to me and so were the people.  I'm going to miss all of them big time.  I'm also really sad to leave one of my favorite comps, homie, and brother Elder Harris, we did so many great things here and the memories we made I will never EVER forget. But he and Elder Rigby will continue to lay the foundation of what we started before. La Cima will always be one of my favs!! Its cool to know that my area will be in good hands. 

Well, yesterday was unforgettable. We baptized Chris yesterday and it was the perfect ending for me here in this area. It was amazing and I was fortunate enough to do the ordinance. Chris was funny, he was super nervous, he told me he felt nervous because a lot of people were there and he doesn't like the attention but he was a stud and he was happy and energized after.  Next week he will receive the Holy Ghost and the Priesthood much later.  I'm jealous because I won't be there, but I'm just glad that I was there to see him baptized.  And pretty soon his older brother and mom will join him, because we are teaching them as well.  They are super positive and great people, chosen from God, we should say! Everytime we go to his house the mom gives us food. Its the best!

Well, I'm so grateful with everything that has happened so far, and I know for surety that the Lord has a plan for me and Elder Batz.  We are gonna work so hard and baptize converts.  To train a newbie is a honor and a privilege, and I will do my best to make the Lord proud!!


Elder Gee

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