Monday, April 24, 2017


Yo fam,

Hey whats up everybody? This week was pretty good, I'm not gonna lie! I'm starting to get adjusted to the Pueblo life here....its pretty cool here. A lot country and small towns put into one, thats Armenia for ya! They told me thats its a little dangerous but I'm already El Salvadorian so I fit in, hahaha!  Gangstas cant touch the gospel....can't hold me back hahaha. 

The work is super good right now, My comp and I are starting to figure out our system and getting used to each other....he is a boss. He's a small Guatemalan fire ball who loves to joke and tease you....he's also pretty jacked if you couldn't tell in the photo already. He is awesome and loves working so we have no problem. We are going to baptize a little girl named E. who turns 8 this Saturday. Also not to mention her parents love us because who cant love a Guatemalan and a Gringo together!!  Her parents were inactive before but now they are fully active because their daughter is always pushing them.  She is so great, I love her a lot. So in a way its kinda of a double bonus, inactive members and a baptism...things are great!

The ward is doing lots better, the only thing thing they lack is being organized. They struggle in keeping people going and staying on top of things, but we are seeing good things happen. This week we had 98 people come and last week was like 80, so a 20 percent jump was pretty cool to see. The members are doing good, because they trust us and give us references and lots of food. YES! I think there hasn't been very good missionaries in the past here and thats why the ward is not doing as good as it should. But little by little we will get there. I love Armenia with all my corazon!!

Living the dream!
Training my pattawon!

Elder Gee

Elder B. and I

Drinking the only thing that makes me happy!

Making tortillas

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