Monday, April 3, 2017


Whats up?  This week was pretty rock solid. I was enjoying myself a ton during the General Conference, I'm not gonna lie... it was soooo good I forgot what else happened in the week, so i'm just gonna talk about that. 

Well, as you know we have this super dope investigator named Chris, he's a straight G. He is progressing super fast, like beyond belief, he came to conference and attended all the sessions on Sunday. And guess what his favorite talk was...Yep!,  Elder Joaquin Costa. That was powerful. I felt the spirit so strong....he loved it. I looked over at him and he was just nodding his head listening really carefully....unreal!

We taught him a lot this week. He asked a lot of questions about the word of wisdom and law of was sick because it was evidence to us that he has a true desire. He listens carefully and loves it....I believe we are gonna baptize him this Sunday after all the meetings....pray for that.  Please...he's such a a boss. And Elder Harris and I want to both be there before changes.  

And yes...the fun time with Harris has to come to an end.....this upcoming Tuesday I believe....I'm mad. I wanna be with him the rest of the with him...but all things must come to an end.  So we have to make our mark this last week....changes are the 12 of April. 

Well, this gospel,  Brothers and Sisters is true. My favorite talk was Gary B. Sabins about standing up inside. Its true, We get knocked down and have problems, but just as Neil Maxwell, has said, Whether I'm on this team or the other team across the veil, and don't want to be on the bench....neither do i! I want to do everything for the Lord, I'm his special servant, and I'm so grateful to be in His church.

Love You!
Elder Gee

Elder Harris and I with Chris

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