Tuesday, July 30, 2013

July 29, 2013 - TLAHAUC

K, so everything is pretty cool here in Tlahuac.  We don't have really anything here cuz we are both new to the area and opening it up Elder G who only has 6 weeks left.   I hope that we can work super hard for his last weeks.   I live with 3 Latinos and its super hard for me cuz I don't get any of the jokes and stuff, but hopefully I can learn spanish super fast with them.  I am serving with two Elder Garcias... Hahaha!!  One is from Merida and one from Guadalajara.  So far I get along with them but I feel out of the loop cuz I don't speak Spanish and don't understand everything.
Honestly, I think when Elder G. leaves I will train here.... but I am not sure maybe I'm  not ready to train.  My companion is cool though and really does want to work and be a good missionary, even with him going home soon.
Elder G. is from Colombia and super funny... Hahaha!  I laugh so hard at him cuz he really is niccin funny.  Hahaha!  My apartment sucks... the shower is balls cold every morning and the town is ghetto.  That's honestly the only way I can explain it... Hahaha!  I would send you pics but I can't cuz I lost my cord.. I will buy one next week though.  But maybe I can use my comps cord .. I will ask.
I am super blessed to live with three beandaddys.  I can already tell my Spanish is getting better plus my accent is getting better too, by the end of this transfer I think I will be good enough to be on my own.  Hopefully. 
The ward is good I got up and had to bear my testimony.   It was sick I talked for like three minutes and just made the people laugh saying that I love Mexico because of the people and the tacos in the street... Hahaha!!  They thought that was super funny.   Hahaha!!  The building is cool too I think its actually a stake center and three other wards meet there.
Elder W. is in my stake... Hahaha!!   I am sooo stoked.   I talked to him last night and he is doing super good .   I  saw him at changes and it was sooo sick Hahaha!!  and  I will see him in a week or two at zone conference
I got your package last week...Hahaha!  Thanks a ton, that tie is siiiickkkk!!!  I am at a café which is owned by a member so it's freeeeeee!!!
Honestly,  Mom I feel good here ... like I don't want to come home or anything.   I had a dream I came home the other day and I woke up sooo sad.  Hahaha!! like I just want to learn Spanish and baptize people... that's all!!
Got to go! K love you tons ...PEACE OUT!!!

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