Monday, July 8, 2013

July 9, 2013 - ANOTHER WEEK DOWN!

First of all, I love my companion, Elder Y., he is super sick and way smart he knows everything about computers and was telling me he can hack anyone’s Facebook account.  Hahaha!  We are doing a lot better in my area and we work super hard every day.
We have some investigators that are super interested but don’t want to get married so that’s hard (his name is Josue), he is in the police and always shows us his guns and stuff.   Hahaha!  he has got a gangster little shotgun, 20 gauge, that’s just like green T’s (shout out to KG) when we went and shot skeet for the yule log with Big Red (shout out to Condon, Juan,  Carsen and Hunteeeez and KG)  But anyways he wants to take me and Elder Y. out to shoot clay pigeons for one of our p days.  Hahaha!  We are gonna ask the Pres tomorrow about it, but you betta beleeeeedat I’m gonna show these cholos how to drop dem clay pigeons!  Hahaha! .
Also we have a girl who is 15 or so about to get baptized on the 4 of August.   She is so cool and super smart.  She knows pretty much everything and we really don’t even have to teach her cuz she gets everything, we are super lucky with her.  We are having some trouble finding more people to teach and every time we find someone they live like a block out of our area so that kinda sucks.   But overall our area is awesome and we are doing super good right now.
I can feel my Spanish getting better just because we are super obedient and I know for a fact that obedience brings blessings.
Anyways, the other day I bought some brass knuckles in the flea market cuz we always get chased and attacked by dogs all the time and some missionaries got jumped.   So I always got those in my backpack now!  Hahaha!

A panoramic view on the top of my apartment
Drinking an orange drink from a plastic bag...YUM!


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