Monday, September 2, 2013

September 2, 2013 - ESTRELLA

I got called!!  Hahaha!  I am training a kid from the states named Elder Clark.  He is brand new and I have to go pick him up tomorrow. Hahaha!  I will pick him up with all the other new guys at transfers.  I get to see Elder W.  and Elder Y.,  and by the way Elder W.  is going to Rosal (aka the ward next to San Pedro).   Elder W. and Elder Y. are in the same district and Elder Y. got called to be district leader there. 
It took a while for me to get on the internet today because we had to hand wash our clothes so we could have them ready for Elder C. tomorrow when he leaves.   So Elder C is peacin out and me and Elder A. (actually he is really cool,  I love him tons) are going to train here in Estrella, 2 new missionaries.   It will be awesome . 
Oh ya,  also Elder G. went home 2 days early because of visa problems, so for the last 2 days and until tomorrow we are a threesome.
I know I am gonna work super hard with this new Elder Clark.   I just hope he is a good elder... if not I will make him one!!  I am just kinda nervous cuz  I only got 4 weeks in this area and don't know it very well.   So I am kinda nervous... keep me in your prayers big time this week.
The other day I had a cool experience. I was sitting in church feeling way bad for myself,  just kinda complaining about my Spanish and stuff and like I just had a cool feeling like the Lord telling me that I am way to hard on myself.   That I know Spanish and I just have to talk or I am never gonna learn... ever since that I have felt way better out here.  It was way cool.
We were suppose to have 2 baptisms this week and we only had 1.   I baptized Oscar, it was sooooo sick,  his mom didn't pass her interview but she will this week, so we should baptize her on Friday or Saturday.  We also baptized  a little boy named Carlos who just turned 8.  I don't know if that counts as a baptism but ya that's what happened.   But Oscar's baptism was a super big testimony builder for me.   It was the first time I have been in the water. It was just super cool I cant really explain it.
We are teaching some other people right now.  One of them is David, and he is 17 and a freakin gangsta and loves me...Hahaha!!  I gave him a gangsta tie the other day and he wore it to church.  His mom is a member but his dad isn't, but he goes to church every week with his cousins cuz they are active.  He can't get baptized cuz he doesn't have permission from his dad yet, but we are going to talk to him about that this week hopefully.
I weighed myself the other day for the first time ... I have gained 20 pounds..... no joke,  I am fat,  I weigh like 156,  no joke..... unless the scale is broke....just face it man.. you have a fat son!!
Don't worry,  I can still take Kyle don't worry... and I am  gonna try to be the best trainer I can don't worry!!

Hasta Luego,
Love you all tons!!

Today was Labor Day and Josh's cousins Hayden and Ethan were at our house when Josh's email came through.  Here are some of the questions they asked him.

"How many beans and street tacos do you eat in a day?"

"Ethan,  I eat abut 8000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 beans everyday ..... that's a lot hahaha!!!"

"Do you get really gassy?"

"I did at first, but I am Mexican now, so it doesn't phase me...Hahaha!!"

"I have Coach Smith for health this year."

"HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA Rick Smith is soooo sick Hayd!   Tell him that your me and Kyle's cousin and he will give you an automatic A!!  Hahaha!!"

"P.S. this is Ethan still and I love you"

"Love you too, E!!"

This is Kyle, Ethan and Hayden emailing Josh on Labor Day...
drinking a coke in honor of him!!

We sent him this picture of the boys while they were emailing back and forth.  This was Josh's comment, 
"Holy Sick,  tell them ... provecho!!  (enjoy in Spanish)   Hahaha!!  I am so jealous,  I  wish I could have one (Coca-Cola) of those right now.  Hahaha!! tell them I  love them all so much!!
We went to the Temple again because Elder C. was sick and
there is a doctor there for the missionaries.
My roommates!!

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