Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Sept 23, 2013 - A LITTLE INFECTION ..."BUTT" it's no big deal!

Hey Momma, so here is the deal.  I  went to the doctor and everything.  Found out a nurse forgot to take some gauze out after my surgery, so my cut got a little infected.  That's why it was spewing out puss before.    But the doctor looked at it and cleaned it up real good.  It felt weird while he was playing with my butt... Hahaha!  But he said that everything is super clean and good right now.  We didnt loose any ground but that nurse totally forgot to check my cut after my surgery.   The doctor said that I have to wait 2 weeks before walking and working, but President Valadez wants me to have another appointment this week to check up to see if i can work sooner.
So this week was super boring cuz the doctor said I absolutely couldn't walk or work in the street, so I have been couped up in the house and stuff.  I actually everyday I feel better and can pretty much sit normal.  I have studied a ton this week and read a butt load.  I finished 1 Nephi in Spanish right now and I'm just trying to read the rest of the Book of Mormon in Spanish.   I actually have learned a lot just because I have been studying so much here and don't have anything else to do.  I know that its all good cuz I can just study all day and learn stuff in the Book of Mormon.  It's gonna be fine.
I can walk to the internet café (because it's not far from our house) and it's fine, I just can't walk long distances.  Sometimes the members bring food to the house because they know I had surgery.  My next doctor's appointment is hopefully on Wednesday.   The bishop's wife has been driving us to the doctor's so we don't have to pay a taxi.  She is super cool.
Elder C. and I are good.   I feel bad for him though cuz he sometimes has to stay in the house with me and do nothing, but we have exchanges every other day.   He can leave the house with Elder A. and teach our investigators.  They are teaching just 2 people that we are trying to baptize.  But they have problems because one isn't married and one doesn't have permission from his parents.  So right now we don't have really good investigators.
I got to peace out.  Tell Syd I love her and give her a big ole fat kiss for me!
All is good here Mom, don't worry it will be alright.  Love you tons and keep my in your prayers and I will do the same for you all. 
Les amo mucho (Love you all)
Hasta Luego!
Love you tons Mom...adios!!

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