Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Sept. 16, 2013 - I HAD SURGERY...what a BUMMER!!

Wednesday afternoon I received a phone call from the Mexico City South mission home.  They said that Josh had just gone to see a doctor about a sore tail bone and they found a cyst that needed to be removed.  They were calling for permission to perform surgery the following day.  I agreed and then asked if Josh was there and if I could talk to him.  They said, "Elder Gee sends his love."  So, basically I got denied and had to wait until the next day to see how it all went.  
I received another call on Thursday saying he had just come out of surgery and the cyst was a little bigger than they thought but they got it all.  They mentioned he hadn't been released from the hospital yet.  But everything went well.
By the way...his out patient surgery took place in an American hospital in the city, so we didn't need to worry, too much!
OK,  so that surgery was so sucky and my butt hurts super bad right now.   I am just on tons of pain killers and can barely walk... Hahaha!!   But I am all good.   I feel bad cuz we can't really work that hard here cuz I cant leave the house.   But tomorrow I am going to have a check up with a doctor and stuff, hopefully everything is ok.  
They put me under ... Hahaha !!  It was so messed up waking up to people talking to me in Spanish but the surgery was like an hour long and I went home the same day.   It was a really nice hospital, not gonna lie.  It was all good though I got some free food and some pj's .... Hahaha!!  Just like at Primary Children's Hospital.  Elder C. ate at the cafeteria.  He was a good sport.  We then stayed in the house with all the assistants for awhile then we came home in a taxi.  The cyst is on the top of my tailbone from walking so much.  I don't know how big the incision is but there is a small bandage over it and I don't dare rip it off yet.  I am fine from the meds and stuff and really I am good.  
But actually Mom,  I was there when they called you.   They wouldn't let me talk to you ... but  I was there the whole time listening when Elder W. called you the first time about me going to the hospital.

Me and my comp are sucks cuz we can't work super hard...but we study everyday in the house.  To keep busy I am playing the guitar, sleeping, reading and watching doctrine and covenants videos.  It's pretty boring.  I can sit down but it hurts and  I have to sleep on my side or my stomach.
But the members are taking care of us right now though, its all good.
Good news...I baptized A., the day after surgery.  She is awesome.   I  had to baptize her 4 times cuz she wouldn't go under, her foot kept coming up. I had a good poker face there at the baptism,  you should have seen me walking around...Hahaha!
I think we are gonna peace out here pretty soon but we can't really do much today, so I think we will just go back to the house and chill.  We don't have a lunch appointment cuz I can't walk very far so we are gonna make something or eat street tacos...ya boiyaaa!! 
I got to go Momma,  love you tons I will talk to you next week.  Hasta Luego, keep me in your prayers but everything is going to be awesome!!!  Pray for new investigators for us.

Me ballin it up in the hospital before my surgery.
Ya, I am disgusting...thats' me after the operation.

The baptism the day after surgery.
me, A. and Elder C.

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