Friday, October 25, 2013

October 21, 2013 - SAMS CLUB, A MALL, 3 WALMARTS & A STADIUM!!

I got both of your packages by the way and I already opened them... Hahaha!!   I loved it.   The package was awesome and I loved the book you made... it was gangster!  I heard it got to the mission home like  3 days ago, so me and my comp went to the offices today to get them.  The package is awesome.  Thanks so much mom and I took pics, but its not the same cuz its just me... Hahaha!! I am not sure why they held it up in customs but I wouldnt be surprised if it was the cookies inside. But I opened all of them up.   I loved all them especially the nasty bacon mints Hahaha!!
My new comp., Elder J. is from Vera Cruz, Mexico.  He has 4 months in the mission.  Last Thursday I saw Elder W.  It was sooo sick.  We had a meeting for the new district leaders.
Oh an elder in my district who is from West Jordan, who has only been out like 5 days here has a girlfriend from Fruit Heights.  It's K. E.  (aka C.J.'s little sister)  my friend when i worked at Subway. My area is sooooooo tight,  I have the Aztec Stadium in my ward and like the sickest mall thingy   plus Sams Club and three Walmarts.
We had a babtism on Saturday,  a kid who is 21 and super sick. The babtism was awesome and I directed it - first time in Spanish.   Also we have a investigator who is super awesome for sure I am gonna babtize her in like 3 or 4 weeks. She is 18.   It's hard because she is always home alone and I don't want to teach her in her house so we had our first lesson on the curb in front of her house.
I got to go Momma,  love you tons... I am gonna try to send you my camera chip so you can see the videos and pictures.  Keep me in your prayers cuz I need them!! birthday present!
Me and Elder C.
 Zone Leader Conference
Me, Elder Y. and Elder W. 

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