Monday, October 7, 2013

October 7, 2013 - BACK TO ESTRELLA!

Here's the deal with this week ... so we got back to our area on Wednesday and started working like 4 hours a day (like 2 or 3 appointments) thats about it.   It was good.  I was so stressed cuz its like we are working with no one right now.   We didn't have any progressing investigators and I felt like I was opening up an area again.  Anyways, I have been praying so hard for some of the investigators we have here.   One in particular, her name is K. and she has 3 kids and is fetchin awesome!!  I have known her the whole time I have been here.  She has seen the elders for 2 years now.  I feel like she is my mom out here.   She is like 30 years old and just awesome,  but she lives with her boyfriend and long story short she cant get married cuz her boyfriend hasn't divorced his last wife completely. It's pretty messed up, he is a returned missionary.  Anyway, we went with her like 5 days ago and I said to Elder C. if she 't progressing when we teach her today or something good happens we might have to stop teaching her.  We are wasting our time. Anyways, we go to her house and we get there and she just looked super happy.   She then ended up telling us that she talked to her boyfriend and told him that she wants to get baptized and knows that she can't while he is living there with her.   So she said to him that God and her kids are more important so she kicked him out Hahaha!!  I was stoked.  Its awesome she just never wanted to change or tell her boyfriend to move out until now. She ended up telling us and crying a lot that she wants to do the right thing.  It was so spiritual and awesome.  I felt so good after and I knew the Lord helped us out with her cuz we didn't have anyone when I got back to the area.  But we are setting up appointments with the President and Stake President because she has to talk to them before she gets baptized.  Not sure exaclty why but I just hope she passes.   She has a ton of faith for doing what she did.  She came to conference yesterday and cried during it and said it was awesome.   Also, we have another investigator named Hermano V. His wife is a member and we are working with him and gonna put a date with him this week.
I feel better every day, the only thing that bugs me is sometimes it hurts to sit down cuz its still not all the way healed but other than that, its good.  I don't have to go to the doctor's anymore.  I am all goooooood right now.
I watched conference at the stake was sick.  The talks yesterday and Saturday were awesome.   I watched in English with like 10 other elders.  It was sweet and the talks were awesome.
My Spanish is good.   It's just the fine tuning I'm trying to work on right now.  For the most part I really get the language but I just have to correct little things and make my sentences flow more easily.  But I read the other day that Satan tries to attack those who have the gift on tongues by making them feel bad or like they don't understand when they really do.  So I just got to stay more positive.   Elder C. and I are working hard on the language.  I need to help him more with that for sure.  It's hard cuz it's mostly me in the lessons.  I talk the whole time, but the Lord is helping me to be better for sure.
For my birthday, I think there are some members that are gonna cook for me and Elder A. because it's his b-day on the 14th.  So it should be awesome.  If not, we will probably hit up Burger King or something...just the four of us...should be super fun!
O.K.  Momma,  I got to go.  Don't worry, I will take tons of pics on my bday.
Keep praying for our investigators.

I was wanted to make sure Josh could go out for a good meal on his big day...

Dad and I are going to put an extra $50 in your account...we want you  to take your roommates out to celebrate!!  Is there  somewhere nicer than Burger King?

Ya, actually there is a place that looks like a ghetto cheesecake factory in our area, so that would be so sick to go to.   I think that's where we will go...Hahaha!!

(I just don't think he will find anything close to Linda's Fudge Cake!!)

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