Thursday, June 19, 2014


Dad, Father's get no respect around here ...boiyo, sorry.  I tried to call you on a pay phone to say whatup but those things suck too.
The work is going good,  we have dropped a lot of people that we were teaching before because they don't want anything.   But the good thing is, that we are gonna have a baptism on the 28th... I think and the 5th of July,  so that is gonna be tight.   I just hope I stay here in the area and not leave so I can be here for them. But whatever, all is good.
We just figured out that we waste a lot of time with people who don't want to change.   Elder Johnson talked about that a lot this week in the conference.  We shouldn't wait around the garden for tomatoes that aren't ready to be picked,  better look for those tomatoes who are hidden but ready and ripe.  We are gonna have a baptism in 2 weeks make sure you keep M and L in your prayers so that their baptism dates don't fall and they stay strong.
Holy crap... the world cup is fetchin crazy here.  We can't even get into houses when there are games on and the streets are dead cuz everyone is in their houses watching it ...Hahaha!!   And forget it when Mexico is playing the members refuse to turn the game off  and they flat out say "NO".   It's soo funny everyone loves futbol here.  But you know that I hecka wear my Chicharito jersey everynight because they won 2 days ago...beleeeeeeeeeedat!! Everyone was going crazy Hahaha!!.   I am glad you saw a glimpse of Mexico outside the stadium aka the Acoxpan Ward ... just know thats where I was 2 months ago and walked that walkway everyday...Hahaha!! Small world.   I  got like millions of homies up there in Acoxpan.
No,  I didnt really try to call Dad...Hahaha!!  It was a joke!!   Mom,  make sure that the family prays and reads the scrips together.  Seriously, if you want blessings ... you will do it.  We always see tons of blessings in the families who read the scriptures and pray together.  It's something that everyone has to do if you constantly want to gain more faith.
Love you tons Mom.  

Our conference with Elder Johnson

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