Thursday, June 19, 2014


Holy...that's sooo sick and I am sooo stoked for Kyle being invited to the recruiting camp.  That's sooo gangster!! I am stoked to hear about Syd's soccer games and stuff ...that's sweet that they took home the bronze.
So here is the deal, so me and my comp are good (he reminds me a lot of Alex Leblanc...Hahaha!! but Latino)  So this area is pretty sweet and we are starting to have more success and find more people.  We found a cool family of 4  the other day when we were contacting.  Also,  we put another baptism date this week with a new lady we found.   Her name is M and she is awesome and super ready.  She is just a little scared to get baptized.  So all is good in the area and my comp is learning a lot and stuff.
Funny story... I had a dynamic duo of puking and crappin diarrhea at the same time 2 nights ago... Hahaha!!  Man,  that's the first time that that has happened to me and it was crazy!!
This week the president of the area Elder Johnson is coming to talk to us on Wednesday and after I am going on splits with Elder Y (zone leader) from Brighton High School.   The funny thing is that he knew me before the mission because of the state championship soccer game senior year.   When we jumped the fence and stormed the field and ran over to the other student section and said stuff that I shouldn't have.   He was there and saw me...Hahaha!! 
But all is good the ward is doing good.  We have like 80 - 90 people are coming to church from the ward ... but its still a pretty good number.
The cool thing is that we also are doing some exercises in the morning.   We found a sick indoor soccer field with turf and we always play there cuz its never locked up.   We wake up at 6:20 and go there every morning's ballin!!

I got to go Momma,  I love you tons!!  Peace out !! Tell the fam I say whatup?


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