Sunday, June 1, 2014

June 1st - I AM & 100% MEXICAN!

Hey Momma!  I loved the email you sent.  Hey, but that totally sucks about the package being stuck in customs and stuff but if you can try to send it again that would be sick cuz I need some ties and that shampoo, por favor!!  MOM I'M LOOSING MY HAIR!!!!!!!!!  I look like a freakin idiot and I have to get married when I get home I can't when I am bald and 21 ears old.  But whatever!  Whatever you do is fine but if you can send more shampoo that would be sick!  Just put a ton of Jesus and virgin Mary stickers on it and make it look the package on the outside is crappy.  If it looks nice they will steal everything.  That's how it works here.
This week was super cool.  We saw some miracles with some of the investigatores that we have been teachin and we put 2 baptisms to date.  Make sure you pray for S and J so they keep choosin the right so they can get baptized.
I got to go everything is good, so dont worry.  We are gonna start to work normal again this week and stuff so we should start to have more success.  Don't worry about the package, its not a big deal just wait for it to be shipped back and resend it.  I am not really worried about it as long as there is money in my account.   There is no problem cuz I can buy stuff here so just put money in my account and I will be ok.  I am 100 percent Mexican,  so I can find my way around things and always find what i don't worry.
Love you tons Momma,  make sure you say "hola" to everyone for me and tell the family I love them tons... that is what's the most important!!

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