Monday, June 30, 2014


Ok so here is the deal...everything is all good here in the ward.  We are working hard and stuff and we are having more success.  We had tons of lessons with members this week but we have to find more investigators.  That's like the biggest trial right now for us. We were gonna have a baptism this week but not anymore.  We are gonna have to wait another week because M. didn't come to church this week. She had to pick up her daughter because she is divorced.  So the on the 12th we will have a baptism.  Everything is good in the hood, loving the work and just learning a ton. The good thing is that I am always learning something, every change I learn something new that helps me to be better.
Ya, I am glad both packages arrived,  I will probably get the packages tomorrow cuz I have interchanges with the zone leaders. 
Momma, I got to go,  love you tons but I got to go to Walmart to get some food and stuff.  Make sure to say "what up" to Moody for me and send more pics.  Tell him he needs to do something with GeeTV to save all of our memories.  I think he will put them on his computer or something.  I loved seeing the pic of K.G. and Wiggins...Hahaha!!! I am glad they went and hung out with Syd for her bday. 

I love you tons Mom

The old district
I still hate mayo...but that's the legit stuff right there
Hermana N. and her corn stand with me and Elder R.

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