Monday, July 21, 2014


I got the pics...and I can't believe how big Kyle is getting.  He is gonna be able to take me easy when I get home!!
So we had the baptism this week and it was super sweet.  One of the coolest that I have had here in the mission. I will send you pics.  We could have another this week but the lady has to tell her boyfriend to leave so she can live the law of chastity. But its awesome here.  Working hard and just trying to find more people to teach.  Me and my comp are having fun too and we get along good.  I think I'm gonna be leaving next transfer. I have no idea where I am gonna go but whatever.  What else is going on in K-Town??
Cool story with this week's baptism.  I forgot to tell you that a day before M.'s interview she wasnt going to get baptized cuz she didnt feel ready and stuff.  So me and my comp were freakin out and praying like crazy and the next day we went with to see her and she was super calm and she was like I have thought hard about the babtism and I'm gonna go trhough with it. It was awesome because prayers do get answered when you ask with faith.  And I know that you guys pray a ton for the people I teach and it helps a ton.
Hey, in your next package send me some shampoo.  You sent me just conditioner.  If  you could do that that would be awesome!  Some candy, ties and yeah thats all... I love letters too, I think that's the best part.
Love you all sooo much thanks for all the prayrers and stuff and keep praying for S., J., J., and L.  Put them in your prayers.  I got to go Mom, I love you tons and thanks for everything...peace!
Love you tons!

SYD:  Hi  Josh,  Syd  here.     Did   you   know   Troy  is  back?  I  wish  you  and   John   are  back.  Can  you  take  me  to  another   Big  Time  Rush  concert?

JOSH:  Tell Syd that I love her tons and that she needs to keep praying for me and my investigators so I can  baptize them. 

SYD:  Will  you  Josh   please   take  me  to  another   Big  Time  Rush   concert  with   John?

JOSH:  Hahahahahaha....yeah sure Syd,  if Mom buys tickets!

M.'s baptism with me and Elder R.


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