Sunday, July 6, 2014


Hey Mom!   I loved seeing those pics.   Holy crap,  that's soo crazy that Moody is home now.   He emailed me and stuff and said he thought Kyle was me.   He said that he looks just like me in high school.  That's soo sick that they (Razor Crusaders) were in the parade.   Once again I don't get the chance to make the crusade, that sucks but whatever.
This week was pretty cool, but then again it kinda sucked.   We had a baptism planned this week but the lady didn't show up at church.  That's like the most frustrating thing of all time for sure.   We are gonna talk to her today and everything so we can get it all settled out. 
We had interchanges with the zone leaders and I went with Elder T., from Arizona.  He's a baller like one of the only kids I would actually hangout with if I wasn't on the mission.   We stayed up just telling stories all night of stuff we did in high school and I haven't laughed hard like that in a long time... Hahaha!   We probably should have gone to bed on time but it was pretty funny just laughing about American stuff again. But that's honestly all that happened I thought that we were gonna have a baptism this week but no, not till next week.  I'm sure she will still get baptized this week.
I loved the ties,  thanks so much,  I can't do anything for the newsletter sorry mom, but next week I can for sure.  Thanks for the pic of Dusty, he is a boss...hahaha!

Mom, I love you tons for real... thanks for everything!  I got to gooooo. love you adios

I love you soo much....adios!!

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