Monday, September 22, 2014

Sept. 1st - American candy, baptism and exchanges = GOOD WEEK!

Ok, first off, yes Mom I got the package this week...thanks a ton!  Me and my comps loved the candy,  Mexicans love American candy.
This week was sick, we had a baptism...yeah buddy, it was tight!  One of the best baptisms I have had in the mission. It was awesome, super stressful...but awesome.  I will send you some pics and stuff. Her name was C and she had a ton of problems with smoking and the repentence process, but luckily everything went good and we were able to have the baptism. 
Also I went on interchanges with Elder W. this week, it was awesome!   learned a ton and it was super awesome to hang with him for a day. I would do anything to be his comp again. We taught super well together and found 2 new investigators that day.
I'm glad to hear that everything is going good in k-town.  I'm gonna write Kyle a letter in a little bit, make sure you give it to him cuz I just barely read the letter he wrote in the package and I want to respond.
Sorry I havent written you lots but just know that everything is good right now.
Mom,  I got to go.   I love you all so much here are some pics I will write you more next week but just know that i love you all so much and I'm in the place where the Lord needs me.  Tell the fam I love them.


Me and Elder W. 
My district
My two companions and Elder W. and his comp.

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