Sunday, December 14, 2014


Ok  Momma, so here is the deal...I literally only have like 50 minutes more to write.  Everything is super good.  I am in Narvarte. It's a ward in the same stake that I was in Escuadron, so I am not too far.  My comp is a boss and his name is Elder H and he is from Idaho.  He is super tall and quiet but a nice kid.  The cool thing is that we are living with 2 other elders in the same house and its a ton of fun!  We are having a blast!  We are with Elder R and Elder B.  Elder R is from Cali and was trained by Elder Y.  He's the district leader.  I am not district leader anymore, just senior comp...hahaha!  It's sick!  Not lots of stress, just six weeks of just focusing on our investigators, pretty cool!  The apartment is cool but kinda dirty, we have to clean a ton today.  I am not in Elder W or Elder M zone. Elder M is in Acoxpan, hahaha...that was my ward. Elder W is in the mountians way far away.
The ward is hard.  We are in the richest area in the mission.... the richest!  It's crazy, we see Ferrari's, Beemer's and Mercedes all day.  The people are hard hearted here big time.  We had 10 lessons this week and walked everywhere.  But its all good, I know the Lord wants me in a hard area for my last change.  We also have some cool investigators that we just need to put a baptism date with.
Everything is good. I don't have tons of pics but I will especially tomorrow because we are going to play soccer at the zone conference. It's going to be ballin!!!  We are going to eat and hear Pres speak and then we have to present a sketch or something.  We are gonna do something super funny, like a skit or something.
I got your package and haven't even unpacked everything, but i will today.  It's just this week i didnt have that much time.  I will put everything up today, don't worry.  But I ate all the pop tarts, hahaha!! I took those down big time! Thanks a ton for the package, I love reading the letters everyday, I think that's better than the candy. I have read like 15 of them like Moody's, K.G'S, Fowers, Gee's, Grandma's and some hunnies from Tyson's homecoming.  Oh! the Grange's too.
Thanks so much for sending me that memory card.  I will take tons of pics this week, don't worry.  I'm not sure honestly if im gonna write a ton next Monday because our p-day is on Christmas next week so on Thursday.  I will let you know whats going on, don't worry I will write you guys and tell you what time for sure and everything, just send me my skype info so I can get it all set up jhere.

Love you tons,
I got to go Momma ...bye!!

Me eating a cricket...they are pretty good!!
Me and my comp Elder H.

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