Monday, December 29, 2014


So I don't have tons of time and I am probably not gonna be able to write back and forth with you today Momma.  But just know that I am all good, just loving the work and loving everyone in contact with me.  I love Y., she is so awesome.  She has made so many sacrifices and she is progressing so much.  She has a bad attitude but she is changing sooooo much it just shows that the Atonement can do miracles in the lives of others.
I'm not trying to think to much on coming home because every time I do I just get sad... im gonna cry ALOT, but whatever! 
I loved the pics.  We had a good time on Christmas.  We went to Burger King and I ate real well. We went caroling and I didnt even want to carol, I just wanted to contact peeps.  So when everyone was singing I was just giving out cards and trying to talk with everyone. It was sweet.
I think that's about it. Love you all tons and please, please continue to pray for Y. so that she can continue to change and accept change.

Love you all!

Yeah, that picture got cut off...sorry!
The computer sucks!
Metro contacting

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