Sunday, December 7, 2014

Dec. 7th - PEACIN OUT!

Hey Mom, so hurry and write back if you can.  Here is the deal.  I am peacin out.... I am leaving the area. I'm super sad, almost broke down saying bye to some people last night. The worst thing is, we have for sure baptisms on the 3 of January and I won't be here any more. I am super sad.  D. tried to commit suicide this week ... crazy!  She says she doesn't know why.  But she is going to continue to listen to us and wants to progress cuz she loves it.  Our other investigator D. is the is for sure getting baptized, she is also super awesome.  But I am peacin out, the crappy thing is that I will probably go as junior comp, which is ok, but just different.  The Pres. always puts those who were leaders as junior comp to a kid who struggles to help build him up.  Its pretty cool, but I don't like moving from area to area. I like it here a lot, but its not my will, its the Lords. It's hard to accept. But I only have six weeks left so I got to go hard and give it everything.  Aunt Kristen wrote me something that I like a lot, "sprint to the finish!"  It pumped me up. I will send you some pics of what's going on here, it was a good week.
I don't know anything about my new area or companion.  They don't tell us anymore.  They just tell us who is going and who is staying. but whatever. I hope I get sent to the same zone as Elder W, but I doubt it.  I am pretty bummed about the whole leaving thing.  But's only 6 weeks.
That's cool that Wade is the next bishop.  Wade is such a stud!!
K, got to go Momma.  Make sure to pray big time for me.  I am gonna need it a lot. 
I am peacin you all so much and I will keep working hard every single day, and the Lord will keep giving us blessings.  The church is true...I know without a doubt.

Love you so much. Thanks for everything and tell the fam I said "hi" aka "hola" I love you tons aka les amo mucho. got to go bye!!!

Mora family with their Christmas tree
Rios family when I said goodbye yesterday.


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