Monday, December 22, 2014


Ok Momma, so this week was super sick!  We are actually doing way better than I thought.  We found 5 new investigators this week and we put a baptism date for the last week in the mission for me!  Her name is Y. and she honestly is the reason God put me here in my last change.  She flat out told us that she listens to us cuz she feels the spirit when I talk.  That made me feel real good.  She is so awesome and she wants to get baptized the last week I am here.  She is awesome!  Pray for her big time cuz she has a really bad attitude but wants to change.
Hey! so am I gonna speak that fast Sunday or at ward conference?  Is that super bowl Sunday?  Let me know.
(Your homecoming is February 1st, which is fast Sunday and the Super bowl.  That won't change.  Sorry, but cross your fingers that the Packers will be playing!!)

That's the Christmas card we are sending to the whole
mission...HAHAHA!!  I am gonna send one home and to
some people in Utah, but I bet I beat it back
before anyone gets them!

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