Tuesday, September 1, 2015


Tyler had a friend from his office that was heading down to the Guatemala MTC the same day Kyle was leaving.  What a tender mercy!! She was kind enough to take a package to him (and two other missionaries) just as they were heading out.  She and her husband took these pictures of Kyle and his companion Elder Hallman.


The elders left the MTC on a bus (pictured on the left) and headed to El Salvador.  It is about a 4 hour drive.  As they were leaving the city of Guatemala, the riots and protesting were so bad in the streets that they couldn't drive.  The bus driver told the boys that they are turning around and heading back to the MTC.  They were sad and didn't want to.  After an hour of driving around, the bus driver dropped all 34 missionaries off at the airport.  There was someone from the church meeting them there and purchased airfare for them all.  They had to wait 6 hours until the flight left.  They ended up arriving in El Salvador 8 hours later than scheduled. 

The bus ride!
(Photo Credit: Elder Eggers)
Getting dropped of at the airport.
(Photo credit: Elder Eggers)

FINALLY...arriving in El Salvador!!
(Photo Credit: Elder Eggers)

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