Monday, December 7, 2015


Hey! What the heck is up everybody?  It's almost Christmas and yes I got Mom's packages and we loved them and we literally ate all the chocolate in one freaking night, Hahaha!  Well this week was pretty eventful and I 'm just gonna get right in it.

Monday we balled it out in futbol with the whole zone and me and Elder M. actually scored, it was sick because all the Latinos in our zone are freaking good.  Then we left to buy lots of food to stock up our house....were are starting to get comfortable with house but more importantly the work....the mission is going so moment its breakfast the next we are planning for the next day...crazy fast!

Tuesday, was just a basic day of teaching and trying to catch the attention of people on the street, its the best!  So really nothing really exciting that day other then the fact that the pupusas are still great.

Wednesday, HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my dad the freaking ole man! Have a good one!  We are currently trying to get a baptism in your honor.  But we went to the temple and went through a session it was so sick...but it was in Spanish...which made it EVEN sicker!  

Afterwards we went to Wendy's with Elder Rigby and his son, it was fun!  And then I opened the packages that Mom sent and they were so sick!  Me and my comp loved them.

Thursday, was literally the same as Tuesday just teaching and visiting members its pretty fun we have the best members ever!

Friday, was a super fun day, we went with one of the APs to teach in our area and we got a lot of baptismal dates but the real question is, will they read or go to church? ....WE WILL FIND OUT.  And also we got invited to play basketball with some cholos in the neighborhood and we were like the splash brothers.  We almost hit every three and they praised us after and we just laughed and taught them the first lesson. It's cool they were pretty interested.  Cool how the spirit works in certain

Saturday, was like Thursday and Tuesday and we played soccer with the
locals and of course we BALLED...AND WE SCORED...hahaha!!.

Sunday, was super cool...Elder M. and Hermano J.  passed the sacrament and I lead the music.  We make a great team.  And also, we had a referral from a member in the ward and she said I have someone you need to work on...and we laughed and said boyfriend we taught him the second hour and he was great and receptive.  We have a baptismal date for the 27 of December for him.  But really all missionaries are just tools in the hands of God.  It's amazing everyday, I grow in ways I never would have thought I would.  And Elder M. loves to work and it
pushes me to be a better trainer.

Well lastly, I love you guys but most importantly this gospel...its Christmas and you all know what that means....PRESENTS!!  Hahaha!  No it's really about the Savior and what he has done for us....or what he can do for you.  Go to him daily because if you will have the spirit...and if you have the spirit...your crazy happy and don't know what to do with yourself, it's the best feeling I've ever

I love all of you and I'm grateful for my all know its the best.  But really in words I honestly can't describe it...words will never do it justice.  All I can do is tell the funny stories
but they will never sum up my spiritual growth.  I want to be the
best I can be.

Love all you guys and pray for you as you pray for me and my son,  hahaha!  I miss you guys and think about you ...if not more, except JENNIFER GEE that lady just loves me!

I love and pray for you guys.

Un santo es un pecador que sigue inteniendo.
A saint is a sinner that keeps trying.

mucho amor.
verdedero felicidad
westside belizedat
Elder Kyle Quote Master Gee

San Salvador Temple

The Christmas packages from my Momma!

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