Monday, January 18, 2016


Hey! What the heck is up? Que onda, they say....meaning "what's up, Man?"  As I'm getting older in the mission my neck gets skinnier I swear its really bugging me out. I looked on the scale the other day
and weigh 155, I lost 15 to 20 pounds. I'm flaco (aka skinny)you´ll definitely see in my pics I'm sending.

Well, this week was super sick...we played basketball and invited people after we destroy them and they love us...they think we´re gonna go play college or something after the mission. It's super funny. One day we had like 15 invitations to baptism and like 43 invitations to the church...and we were only playing for like 1 hour hahaha!  We got a call from the zone leader and the APS saying, "Did you guys really get that many invitations?" and I said...."heck yeah, these people love us! Me and Elder M. ball out with both basketball and the work!" he lauged and said, "Good!  definitely start doing that more if it works for you both. Good work boys!"

I love the work. we had 2 investigadores attend church...and I think they will be baptized for sure before I PEACEOUT OF JOYAS FOR GOOD. Almost 6 months in my first area...I was trained here and I'm almost done training as well...the people will forever have a place in my heart. I seriously I LOVE THEM. It's funny they ask us all the time when transfers are and they get a little sad because they know it won't be the same! I love them and know more and more that...THAT EMERGENCY TRANSFER WAS FOR A REASON....but you guys already know I'm happier as I can ever be.

I love you so much!

un santo es un pecador que sigue inteniendo
les amo
verderdera felicidad
Elder Gee

Me making the turkey dinner that Mom sent for Christmas. 
(Actually Elder Burwell's mom made and freeze dried this meal...
it was awesome to have potatoes and gravy again!)

Me on a tree that fell down one night from a storm. 
All the trash that people litter in the river gets trapped and piles up...
it's gross!

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