Monday, January 4, 2016

Jan 4th - VIVO ANO 2016!!

This week was pretty sick as far as missionaries having fun! Me and my son definitely have more fun than I think we should...hahaha!! The mission is the best! This week was full of events...our news year eve party was pretty sick...aka me and my companion sat in the house and played games (that Momma gave to me in the Christmas package) all night till 12 and then fireworks blew up all over the place ...BOOM!  Happy New Year everybody...this year truly is gonna be the best year for me because I'm a missionary for the whole year....VIVO ANO 2016!!

Then this Sunday we had a BAPTISM...with our boy M.  He is sooo awesome...he's probably like the coolest guy I have ever taught in my mission, just because he doesn't have a closed mind like 99 percent of the people we teach.  But its all good. but I let my son do it because it's his first and I know how much it ment to me when Elder A. let me do my first baptism.  Elder M. couldn't stop smiling and it made me realize more and more why I'm his trainer.  But most importantly why I have been in this area for my whole mission. I have been in Joyas de Ceren for 4 and half months now...and they told me I have 6 weeks more with Elder M....BELIZE DAT!!  I'm grateful because now I understand more and more of why I am what I am and where I am.  As a missionary in El Salvador, you see some pretty messed up things, but it humbles me because we truly do have it good at home. And we shouldnt take what we have for granted.

But I love all you guys already know I am happy as I can ever be,  doing what I'm doing....teaching what I  am teaching.... and feeling what I am feeling.  I can't ever explain it...but it's REAL.  This gospel is soooooooo true. I can't ever thank you guys enough for writing me and supporting me.  I 'm almost crying right now writing this hahaha....I don't know whats going on with's the spirit and it touches my heart more and more every week.  I can see myself mentally progress. more and more.

But I don't know really what else to say....I love all.  I know you guys probably don't know this but you guys writing me every week gives me that extra BOOST to do my best!   I'm eternally grateful....THANK YOU!!

Un santo es un pecador que sigue intentando.
A saint is a sinner that keeps trying.

verdedero felicidad
westside belizedat
Elder Kyle Gee

Our baptism this week
All the homies in our zone!
This is Elder R., he is from the Dominican Republic.  He came out the same time Elder M. did.  We are teaching him English and he is hilarious. 
He also balls in basketball and futbol with us!


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