Monday, February 22, 2016

Feb. 22nd - NEW AREA, NEW COMP

Hey what's up yáll? What's going on? So right now I changed areas. For the first time in 6 months, Hahaha! I am so excited to just move on and see more of the country. But I got changed to be a District Leader and a trainer to a part called Jardin in Cuscatlan. I live with the Zone Leaders as well. Elder T. who is from San Francisco, California, and Elder P. who doesn't talk a whole lot but he likes to work, so that's a plus for the area. So my companions name is Elder A. and he's from Guatemala. He's halfway done with training so I'm finishing up his training and leading a district here.

Our area is super nice. It's a gated area and filled with guards all the time, Hahaha! It's pretty cool. Its a big area near the city. So basically you can say it's way nicer and more advanced then my last area. This area is way BIG with a lot of big buildings. aka 2 story buildings are considered mansions here Hahaha! Also my area here baptizes like crazy and being the D.L., I have to give a lot of baptismal interviews. so I'm always busy with that and our own investigators.

So my first day here in Jardin my comp told me, "We have a baptism at 5:00 bro., so hurry up and unpack!"  So,I was like, "Freak, they weren't kidding when they said they baptized a lot!"  The ward is super cool and we get a lot of referrals here which is why we get a lot of investigators.

Well right now that's all I got but I'm sure next week I'll have some more stories for you guys.  I love all you guys and pray for you guys on a daily basis. Always pray and rely on the Lord and he will bless you

Mucho amor 
Verdedero Felicidad
ELder Gee

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