Monday, February 29, 2016

Feb. 29th - JARDIN, BABY!!

Hey what's up, what's up? How's everyone doing?  So this week was pretty good, and I'm loving my new area more and more. Being a DL and trainer here is way fun. Your always busy, not only with your investigators but your district's investigators. We go on a lot of interchanges, so it's a lot of fun to see everyone and their teaching methods and styles. I learn from all of them and see maybe what I can do to teach better. Right now I'm just trying to be the best I can be. Trying to train my second son all I know, but in reality he trains me because he already knows how to do everything. And he always helps me in speaking Spanish. My Spanish has gotten way good in the past 2 weeks. I learned a lot of new words and a lot of things I can to better when I'm talking. My comps super good and super funny. He loves to joke like I do, so we get a long great. We work super hard to be the best. He's super competitive but in the best way. He likes to out work everybody so its way fun to do the work. We have a lot fun together.
We just had a baptism on Friday from our investigator E.  He's 14 years old and is super shy but a cool kid. He got invited by his girlfriend who is a member. And has been coming to church for the past month now. We invited his parents who aren't members and the mom has a baptismal date for the 20th of March. Other than that, that's about it as far as the investigators go. We have a ton...but a lot of them haven't been coming to church so we have to go visit them this week.
Other than that, the house is pretty fun. Me and Elders A. and T. have a lot of fun. They both are way good at the guitar. And they always play Red Hot Chili Peppers and Aerosmith before we go to bed. So it's pretty fun and we work hard all day. What else could I honestly ask for.

I know the Lord has been with me thick and thin through the hard times. Because my first 6 months were kind of hard. But I know he loves me and has a plan for me in this area to baptize and teach all people. I love this work and this gospel.

One quote I want to share with all of you is a question a young man asked Joseph Smith, "How come bad things happen to good people? and Joseph replied, "we can't be worried or too caught up about the mind of Satan but what our Heavenly Father thinks...He has a plan for all of learn and grow from our problems."  Super straight, forward and easy.  Our bishop at the baptism shared that and it hit me so hard. Like when I'm discouraged I can pick my head up and keep going.

I love you so much!

un santo es un pecador que sigue inteniendo
les amo
verderdera felicidad
Elder Gee

Me and Elder A.!
My new kitchen...pretty nice, huh?
E's baptism
This is me in my hammock. I always have personal study in it.

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