Monday, February 8, 2016


Hey y'all, what's up?  Freaking missionary work...that's what's up!  Alright, so this week was ten times better then last week, because this time people actually act like they care. I think it's because Elder M. is telling everyone that I'm leaving in a week so they have like pity and listen.   They tell me how much they love me and are gonna miss me.  It's whatever, but at times it's kind of annoying because I don't want to leave.  I have such a love for my area and my companion,  I've been in my area for about 6 months.  My whole training and I trained here as well...4 transfers.  I'm not gonna that I think I'm leaving it feels super weird. I love my area so much now. I know at times I complain because its super slow and nobody seems to care...but at the same time I'm just so GRATEFUL to be here because I know without a shadow of doubt that what I'm teaching is true.   I was a part of 3 baptisms here, I taught members, reactivated less active members and served the people with the goofy personality I have, hahaha!!  I know they think I'm the goofiest gringo but I don't care I love them!!  Maybe they don't love me as much...but it doesn't matter!  I made some GREAT memories here...with my trainer and training my son.  It's gonna be hard leaving my companion...because he makes the work so easy for me...we laugh...we joke...we get frustrated...but we are more then friends...he's one of my best friends...and he will be missed.  The memories we made run deep and will never be forgotten.
I love this work. I love this gospel.  If the foundation of Jesus Christ is not in our hearts...with the hardest of times...we will crumble.  Everyday I have faith that what I'm doing is right and at the end of the day I know He is proud of me.  I can honestly say I'm giving this mission ALL I HAVE...because I owe it all to him.  I love him and He loves me.  I think that's why I'm so happy all the time, because when I'm walking to appointments I have 2 is my son....the other is Christ.  I feel His presence more and more now.  I'm sorry I just felt like I had to share this because the work is so slow sometimes...but HE always hooks it up!

verdadero felicidad

mucho amor
Elder Gee
I went on changes with the zone leader, Elder C.

Last night we ate papusas with our convert M.,  he is so awesome!
I finished 5 planners...I am getting old in the mission, Hahaha!!

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