Monday, March 21, 2016


Alright what the heck is up...I survived another week here in the ghetto streets of EL Salvador!  I got some pretty funny stories too. So last Monday, we were teaching a less active family and we just got done with the lesson. And we were talking about how the mission works because they have a son that they want to serve a mission soon....when all a sudden their little dog bit my companions BALLS...hahaha.!!! He was in some pretty good pain. So we called the nurse to see what we could do about it....she said, "Since the dog didn't break the skin you should be fine and not have to worry about rabies.  But one of your family jewels should be swollen for a couple of days....freaking heck man!  The next day we stayed in the house because he said it hurts to walk.  But now he should be fine. 

Also this Wednesday we had a temple session with all the zone including President and Hermana Hintze it was much power in that place. Its so comforting to know that we have places like temples in the world. In Utah we have 17 alone. 

This Friday....we had a multizona meeting and it was soo cool. Our Mission President shared a presentation with a BIG MAC. He ate it in front of us and said..."What's wrong with this presentation?" One Hermana said..."you didn't share?" He replied, "Thats right...your message is a BIG MAC! You're sharing Heavenly Food and endless blessings in the hearts of your investigators. Sometimes you guys have investigatores that won't want to do anything...and sometimes its not your fault....but your investgadores are like babies...and the message you share is this BIG MAC.  You guys think a baby is gonna know how to eat this the first time, NO!  You gotta teach the baby how to eat...little by little.  The conversion progress is a lifelong process....just because you guys don't help convert them...doesn't mean they wont get converted down the line." It was a cool talk...and he's absolutely right.
I love president Hintze and all he does for this mission....its gonna be sad to see him go this June. I definitely learned a lot from him. The lessons he teaches us are forever. He's definitely helped me a lot about being a better teacher, missionary, but most importantly a better person. He has always says, "Teaching is not talking, teaching is listening to the hearts of your investidigadores and watching their actions."  I love that quote and try and apply that to my teaching methods everyday. He has always said "BE THE MISSIONARY THAT THEY TALK ABOUT FOREVER"  I love him and am eternally grateful for his example for me.
But more and more I'm grateful for this gospel and what Jesus Christ did for me. I love you guys and want to remind you guys that no matter what happens always choose to be happy!
"Try a little harder to be a little better" -Gordon B. Hinckley.
I want to share one more quote...
"Everyday someone will try to tell you it is impossible and you can´t do it, just keep on going and you will arrive at the Lord´s finish line!!"
Love you guys
Keep the Faith
Livin the Dream
Elder Gee
President Hintze and his Big Mac!
Hanging out at the multizone
I like this picture because it reminds me to be happy and keep going!!

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