Monday, March 7, 2016

March 7th - YA TU SABES

HEY WHATS UP? A another week down...I swear the mission weeks get faster and faster, hahaha! I am not just saying that...its the truth! Everyday is super fun and super funny at the same time because people will whistle at us and always with out fail shout "Gringo" or "long live Joseph Smith!" It's pretty funny.

The members here are awesome....they always want to help out and go out and teach with us. The ward is about 120 members which is a lot better then my last area. A lot of youth that are about to go serve so its a cool thing to see. We had 2 baptismal dates last week but both of them fell....but we visited them and moved the date to the 24 of March.  But this Saturday, if we play our cards right should have a baptismal on the 12th.  Her name is Hermana R., she's about 18 and is a girlfriend of a kid in the ward. She's super cool but needs to talk to her mom about it first, so we hope the best there. She is super awesome and has a good spirit about everything.

Okay so here is a funny story for you all. SO Saturday night me and my comp were getting some free pupusas from one of our investidadores that sells them on the street. When all a sudden a gay cross dresser guy...was whistling at me and saying, "Gringo, give me a kiss!" and saying other messed up stuff.  I looked at my comp and said in Spanish with my fist clinched saying, "Bro I'm gonna knock this guy out if he says it again!" He laughed and said , "No, amigo! I don't want President Hintze to send you home so be cool!"  He was right, Hahaha!  But that guy was lucky I had a freaking plague on cuz if I didn't he would have been knocked out Mike Tyson style!! Hahaha!!

Other than that, our plans for p-day are playing monopoly because we didn't finish our game last time.  Well,  that's about it for the week. I know right now they have a deal at Pizza Hut - one pizza with a side of wings....for 6 bucks...I'm gonna hit that up!!

I love you so much!
Elder Gee

This is my district

For one of our district meetings, we tried to see who could fit the most marshmallows in our mouth.  I got 5 and this other missionary got 8!!


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