Monday, April 11, 2016

April 11th - HAI

What up from Puerto la Libertad? This week was good and bad at the same time!! So last p-day I went to the volcano of San Salvador and that was super fun!! Today for p-day we are gonna play soccer with another I should be seeing some familiar faces from the MTC!!

But this week was super fun...I went on interchanges with my zone leader Elder R. and that was super fun. We almost convinced a man who already had like 10 attendances to church be baptized that day...he definitely thought about it for a good 10 seconds...and then said, "No, better off this Sunday!"  Elder R. baptized him last Sunday and that was pretty cool!!

I also went on interchanges with Elder Sweat on Friday to do a baptismal interview and she passed and will get baptized this upcoming Sunday! But here comes the bad news....our baptism didn't go through on Saturday...the day of her baptism, the investigator said she wasn't sure...Elder Chinchilla and I did all we could to convince her that all would be well and she would be blessed so much!! But she didn't want we pushed it back another week...but I'm not giving up on her. I know for a fact she will get baptized soon!

Also this Sunday was super cool...kinda crazy but cool!! When we arrived with our investigadores in the sacrament meeting they called us from the pulpit to share a spiritual message with the whole congregation, hahaha! We were like, "OK, SURE!!" I talked about if we pray for things specifically we would receive specific answers and blessings to our prayers...and Elder C. talked about our purpose here on earth!! Then right after we got a call from a less active member....saying, "Elders come quickly my daughter is pregnant and her water broke 2 months early...come give her a blessing!!" WE DID!! Elder C. did it and it was so powerful...he blessed her that her baby would be healthy and well and they would soon feel the hand of God!! WOW!! He really is a sick comp...he is 24 and is hilarious...but he works super hard...we HAVE A LOT OF FUN!!

Well I love you guys with all my heart and have a great week and always choose to be happy!!


"Everyday someone will try to tell you it's impossible and you can't do it, just keep on going and you will arrive at the Lord's finish line!!"

P-DAY at the volcano!
Elder Eggers and I did the Titanic scene ... "PUT YOUR HANDS ON ME, JACK!"
because all the missionaries think Elder Eggers looks like Leonardo Dicaprio
Elder Dicaprio and I!!


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