Monday, April 18, 2016

April 18th - LORD'S OF DOGTOWN!

Hai!! What up ya´ll?  I survived another week in the mission!! How's everyone doing?  This week was super cool and full of some cool of the stories is that...last Monday we called the girl that was gonna have her baby how she was doing...the mom answered the phone and said, "Elders, great news, after the blessing...the baby was born completely fine and without problems...she was born fast and healthy...her name is Ashley!! WOW that was amazing...the baby was promised to be healthy just like it said in the blessing of my companion...the family was so grateful for our blessing...THE PRIESTHOOD IS REAL!!

Also I went on interchanges with Elder McFarland in my district... I did a baptismal interview and she passed...she should get baptized this upcoming Sunday!  Also this week we found out that one of our investigadores E and K ... they are a couple that are not married and live we were teaching them that if you get baptized and married within the laws of God they would be soo blessed. The cool thing is that they accepted it and no longer live together...they both we get baptized on the 30 of this month! We had them and like 3 other investigadores come to church...we had 5 investigadores come to church yesterday...that was super cool!! The most I've ever had in the mission!!  And the other cool thing is that they all have a date for baptism this 30 of April or the 7 of may...kinda cool...I'm excited to see what happens!!!

verdadero felicidad 
viviendo la sueno
WestSide Belize dat

Well I love you guys with all my heart and have a great week and always choose to be happy!!


"Everyday someone will try to tell you it's impossible and you can't do it, just keep on going and you will arrive at the Lord's finish line!!"

P-day lunch with my boyz!  

Elder C., Elder Guillen and myself hanging on the beach!

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