Monday, July 11, 2016

July 11th - BALL SO HARD!!

Yo Fam,

Whats up y'all!!  I hope everyone's 4th of July and summer break is doing good.  I know about this time of year means the "suns out buns out" hahaha.  I saw a couple of the pics that mom and dad sent me. Sounds like its a lot of fun. 

I had the opportunity to meet my new mission president. President Adams...he's a freaking stud. He's a good example to be a consecrated missionary. He's super cool and has a lot of respect for all...he has the personality like "if you respect me I respect you," He is super humble guy.  I know we are gonna accomplish big things.  In one of the pics he has  matching ties with all the Belize City elders...he loved it.  I saw some familiar faces too...I'm sending more pics of that.

Well here in Belize it couldn't be better. I'm starting to get used to all the drugs and Belikin Beer we see on a daily basis.  Its the best, hahaha!  We have a lot of progressing investigators but as far as going to church...its a struggle.  Its harder than I thought, bringing people to church.  All the time we would call our investigators an hour before the meeting and remind them...they say yeah elder were coming don't worry. They never show up.  Kinda breaks my heart.  The thing that breaks my heart the most is that...they know what they should be going and get baptized but they don't want to do anything about it..."lazy, but really funny people".  We only had the opportunity to speak in sacrament...yeah we got the news 5 mins before the meeting started, hahaha!!  Those are the best kind.  I spoke on one of my favorite scriptures,  John 14 about the Holy he never leaves us comfortless...he will come to us.  "Peace I leave unto you...not as the world giveth but I giveth to you"  I love that scripture. Whenever I feel discouraged or feel crappy...I just remember that..and it brings me right back.

I love this gospel and I love being a missionary.  I've grown to love this gospel so much. And now for myself I know the miracles and changes it brings to peoples lives. Its AMAZING! 

Livin the dream.
Its the best!!!

Elder Gee

President and Sister Adams (and notice the matching ties!)
Zone Conference...with my buds!
Elder Harris, Cope and myself!
Elder Rigby and Eggers!

Raining buckets!

LA BELLA VITA...Belize Style!!

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