Monday, July 18, 2016

July 18th- BC3

Yo fam,

Hey y'all what's up? I know this is an awkward time in the day to do my weekly emailing but my zone had plans to catch a bus and go up to the zoo this morning. I have some gnarly pics to show!!! But how's everyone doing? Really if you think about it we are so blessed. Life is soooo good right now for me.!!! Every Week in Belize is a adventure....filled with so many stories...everyday!! The Belizean people are special people man...hahaha! I told a couple of people this but I'm not sure if I've made it known to all...the Belizean Culture when it comes to religion they believe Moses when he was talking to God there was a burning bush. So apparently you have to get high to talk to God. Because they believed Moses was high with the burning bush...hahaha!! Man, I love these people. And getting them to church is even harder man.!! But all in all...I'm just having fun doing what I've found I love to do the most.!!! Preaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ.!!

My house is super fun. Its four of, Elder Cope, Elder Hallman, and Elder Johnson who is my comp....its super fun here! We play Scum, Clue and have a good time chilling in the house. Its the best. This transfer has flown by because of this. It's unreal how fast the time goes. You don't even feel the weeks now!?! It literally goes...Pday, District Meeting (which is on every Thursday), Church....and then repeat.!!! It's quick!! And we need to save some people while were at it!!! 

Honestly though...this week wasn't too eventful. But I will say is that we play basketball every Thursday with the branch. It was super fun...playing ball again. I did not do too shabby...I mean we were playing with all black guys. I couldn't really drive on them or they would block you!! So basically all I was good for was shooting 3's hahaha...Steph Curry!!!  After going home from playing ball...I forgot how outta shape I was. I slept, I think the best I've ever have in my mission. My legs and arms were a little sore the next day. Man I'm losing so much strength, hahaha! MOM send me some perfect pushups or something hahaha.  I mean my spiritual strength is growing but not the body hahaha! I got a knarly farmers tan...if you look closely to my pics. You can see my shirt tan...and my preachers collar!! Oh and a watch tan as well.!! But pretty much that sums up my week.!!

Well fam, another week down. I am so happy and blessed to be here serving in Belize teaching a different culture and teaching in both Spanish and English. I'm so very blessed with my comp...we work so incredibly hard. Sometimes we don't get the results we deserve but we keep going. I love this work and I'm starting to see some small miracles and its blessing and changing my life. Sometimes those small blessings make all the difference in a those days that are so tough..and nobody wants nothing to do with you.!! Or no one is home and there is no one to teach. But he blesses us. and keeps us upright. I like that conference talk by Christofferson, where he talks about cutting us down. "How can you do this to me God, I've tried so hard and no you've cut me down, " He says, "Look here my little Child, I am God, and I know who you are and who you can become," and one day you going to say thank you God for loving me enough to cut me down, for loving me enough to hurt me!! I love that, I think we can all learn from that talk. Sometimes we don't want trials but God sends them to us so we can grow stronger from them. I remember when Mom and Dad would yell at us or get mad at us...and at the time I would think they were just big jerks but I understand a little bit more now that they did it because they love us enough to hurt us...same with our Heavenly Father. I love you guys...just be happy and help others be happy. If we look for complaints than we for sure are going to find them...but if we look for the blessings in life than we for sure are going to find them....EVEN MORE!!!

Living the dream
True Happiness
Pure Joy
The Belizean Way is the Only Way
Elder Kyle Gee
P.Day at the zoo!

Making pancakes for my roomies!

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