Monday, August 1, 2016


Yo fam,

Hey ya'll whats up?  I was just looking at all the wedding pics...sounds like it its going pretty great for the newlyweds...CONGRATS Emily and John.  I couldn't help but see the cute girl that was with Josh...hahaha!  Thats sick!!  I was really excited when I heard from Mom saying that she talked to a lot of familiar faces. Send them all my love.  Well this week was kinda crazy so I'm going to just start....

So, Elder Hallman is going back to El Salvador to be General Secretary to the president...he was kinda pissed because he didn't want leave Belize because he just barely got here, but the Lord makes the calls and for that we need to be obedient.  Also Elder Cope is leaving to go to Melchor....that's sick because its a little area in Guatemala...he can now say he was in 3 different countries in his mission.  Yeah as for me,  I'm staying and getting a new comp...he will be Elder K...he's from Arizona and he has the same amount of time as me.  Elder J is moving over to the area of Cope and Hallman...with Elder R, also from our group and from Arizona.  I'm in a house of all ARIZONANS!! It will be good change for me though...I'm excited to see the things that me and Elder K. can accomplish. 

As for the work....its getting sweeter and sweeter. It's honestly picking up so fast now.  We finally have investigators that are coming to church.  Me and Elder J had 10 come.  New record for was amazing.  We have 3 Baptisms on Sunday after church....pray that they all go through.  Elder J was kinda bummed because he wanted to be apart of our baptisms that were lined up....but he will still be able to see them and for that he was super excited for me.  

Its amazing how the Atonement is changing our investigators....its changing them from being a regular person listening to another Child of God who has actually been waiting. We were teaching A the man in our last baptism pic.  He's awesome....we tell him when can we come back and visit...he responds back..."TOMMORROW!" I remember specifically what he told me that touched me a lot...He said, "Elder I'll be here waiting to hear an inspired message that the Father God has in store for me, thank you for changing my life and I'm starting to see my purpose in life."  Those small and simple words made it all worth it.  It makes me kinda emotional to talk about it...because there was a lot more of what he told us...but for the sake of time I'll make it brief. 

Well, there is not much more that needs to be said. The church is so true. If only you could be out here with me....seeing the miracles I'm seeing.  It would bring you to tears.  Or maybe I'm just getting more and more emotional...or maybe I'm becoming more and more what the Father in Heaven has had planned for me this whole time.  I'm speechless, its amazing....I NEVER WANT TO LEAVE.! Its honestly just getting better and better.  Like what people say, "When you love your work you never work a day in your life." and thats whats happening to me.  Its so special.  No place I'd honestly rather be than right here.

Pure Joy
True Happiness
Livin the Dream
Eder Kyle Gee

Pics from last P.Day when we went to San Pedro Island.
We changed our clothes once we got there.

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