Monday, August 22, 2016


YO fam!

Hey whats up everybody? How's everyone doing on the last couple week of summer?  Freaking kids going back to school...I can't believe Syd is going to be in High School.  She's definitely gonna be the coolest kid there, hahaha!!  But I hope you all are good and had a good week. 

Alright so this week was super long to be kinda of honest. Me and my companion Elder K are opening up a new area and to be completely honest our area is super hard filled with ignorant hard headed people.  Its super hard to get into their house and if we are lucky we get passed the first lesson...the struggle.  Pretty much everyone here is Catholic and Jehovah Witness so everyone in our area has got BEEF with us, Hahaha!  We walk like 12 miles everyday because our area is huge with a lot of houses.  But this week me and my comp have a bigger pool of investigators so we can pick and choose....last week we couldn't do that.  But right now, we currently we have a family who we are teaching that have come to church a couple of times...we have placed their baptism for the 3rd of September.  But as far as teaching thats all I can think of, sorry!

We confirmed A. yesterday and guess who confirmed him?? This guy.  It was my first confirmation in English so I was super scared.  But I did really well...and he was so happy.  But I have a cool story I would like to share with you guys about A for you to better understand his progress.  We have a guard in our church that stands watch over the church every night...and he goes up to us and says,

"A couple of years ago I was riding my bicycle and this gang of 5 men jumped me and beat me up and stole my bike.   After your baptism last week,  I couldn't help but notice the man you were baptizing, A., was one of those guys.  After the baptism,  A. approached and shook my hand as if we have been friends for years.  I was so shocked.  You guys changed this man completely.  
Looks like he's in the right path." 

WOW!!  I was amazed by the this story.  It was a huge testimony builder to me and it makes me feel like I'm doing good in this world and helping people change.  Seeing the change is an incredible feeling...the ATONEMENT IS REAL. This gospel really blesses the lives of other people...and the truth is we will never really understand the effect we have on certain people.  I love this story and I'll hold on to this one for the rest of my life.  I love A. and I'm so happy the man that he is becoming.  I hope you enjoyed and felt the spirit of that story like it did to me. 

I love you guys and hope all is well. I pray for you guys all the time and know that nobody can officially repent and change without the Atonement and baptism.  You'll never fully understand this gospel but all I know is that it is perfect and it changes lives...and touches hearts.  The gospel is the best cure and medicine in the whole world.  I love it!!  I'm literally just on cloud 9!  I hope to hear from you all soon.

Livin the Dream
True Happiness

Elder Kyle Gee

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