Monday, August 8, 2016

Aug. 8th - FREAKING EARL!!

Yo fam,

This week was was both cool and sick.!! But for the most part it sucked because my house has no power or water...hahaha!! Freaking Earl had his way with us!  I have a ton to talk about not only the storm but some funny stories....

SO we get a call saying we need to get evacuated out of Belize City because basically its the splash zone...hahaha!  We left 3 hours on a bus all the way up to Benque Viejo...a low key town where we stayed the night with the missionaries who are living was a blast staying the night was 6 gringos in a small house but we made it super fun.  SO in the end, the Hurricane didn't do a whole lot like people thought...a lot of broken trees and power lines and a couple of wooden houses...but it didn't flood the streets which is good. Not too bad. We found out our house doesn't have water so Elder and Sister Adams, the senior couple offered their apartment to us and feed was awesome their house, food and AC!!! I was so grateful for them that they could to do that for us. It was a blast. But as for offering our help nobody wanted it....we went around all day asking people if we could help...but we just ended up teaching lessons because they preferred that instead. 

Also our Church got robbed.  A couple of men broke in...stole a couple of computers and cut the water supply...and to finish it off...they went to the bathroom in chapel. Freaking jerks!  I was so mad about that...we were supposed to have a baptism but because they cut the lines it was impossible to do that...I WAS SO MAD!!  But we rescheduled Andrew's baptism for tomorrow.  All in all it was kinda in Belize a lot of people are homeless...and begging for food and money.  Its so sad...because all you can do is teach lessons and not really give them money. 

But me and my companion Elder K. are doing so well...we get along good and he's super funny.  He works super hard and we are starting to find a lot of investigators...its cool to see. At the end of the day I couldn't have asked for a better time then what I've been given.  I am so grateful at the Savior's guiding hand in all of this...he's helped me go through a lot.  He has helped me have faith and keep going...even though its super hard and we just want to give up and go home...he's always there. I look at His example and it gives me courage to press matter what happens. The Lord is looking for true followers and true followers don't quit and  give up...its what makes us more like him.  I think people now days forget that He sends us these trials.  Its the requirement to become more like Him...if we didn't have hard or crazy times....we wouldn't be able to lift others who need to be lifted. A quote by Joseph Smith...its a quote that well help guide me the rest of my life...I think I've already shared it but I can't remember.

"Sometimes the Lord brings us he can lift us even higher."

Remember that....

Love you guys....and a special Happy Birthday to Momma!!! the new 26!!!

True Happiness
Livin the Dream
Crazy times

Elder Gee

Elder K., my new comp
At Brother and Sister Adam's while our apartment is getting fixed 
Our church in Abu Dhabi.  It's in Abu Dhabi Stake and I attend the Sharjah ward.
A house after Hurricane Earl

Belize version of the Last Supper

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