Monday, January 9, 2017


Yo fam, 

Hey wad di gwan? Hows it going...honestly those pics I saw of the snow makes me less and less homesick...hahaha!  That looks like it sucks shoveling off the snow!!  Today is 90 with a slight breeze....eww thats cold Gee!! 
Sorry I wasn't able to get on last week, I was at some Mayan Ruins.  It was super sick.  I have a ton of pics to show you so stay tuned for those.  We took an hour boat ride out kinda reminded me of those duck boats that you go hunting on hahaha!  Anyways, that was cool and we saw a monkey and fed it a banana...I have a video on my camera it was sick!  The branch President of Orange Walk does tours here for Lamnei...that is what it is called the Ruins. He is awesome...he was explaining all the history of the Mayans and how it takes place in the  Book of Mormon.  We saw some ancient artifacts that go all the way back in the B.C thats sick!  But anyway it was way fun to be with all the homies again...we took a ton of pics and had lots of was with out a doubt the best P-day I have ever had. 
As far as working goes we found another family...they were taught by the missionaries like 2 years ago and they invited us right in. We taught them lesson one and they started to cry because the sister had been praying for the past 2 years for the missionaries to return and she got pretty emotional about it...her name is Gloria.  Her live in boyfriend,  C, are super positive!  They are not married, but they said they were willing to get married and follow the example of Jesus Christ and be baptized!! I was like wow...really? They are super awesome and I'm just grateful I can be used as an instrument in the Lord's hands. 

I love you guys so much...not the snow tho hahaha

Elder Gee
The boat ride over.

My homie, Elder Rigby!

Nose Pickin...Mayan Style!
Back on the island, spreading the word!

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