Monday, January 16, 2017


Wad di gwan fam,   (last time I can say this, hahaha!)

Hey what's up everybody? This week was super cool, kinda crazy because of all the immigration papers we had to cover for the latinos in the island. We went back and forth to Belize City like 4 times this week...(Every boat ride is about and hour and a half.) SO that was a little crazy, but I enjoyed the boat rides, hahaha! I think I hold the record for the most time as a missionary riding in the water taxi! So many priceless hours on that boat. 

But the big new is that... I'm going back to "Land of Pupusas!" Yep...El Salvador! I'm really excited because I will be in a good zone with a good companion. He's name is Elder Harris, and he's from Pleasant Grove, Utah. He's a straight up G! He was in my group that left SLC...and he was in the same room in the MTC with me. He always told me that "We are gonna be comps someday." The day has come baby. Our area is gonna be sick...its a huge ward filled with a lot of members so I'm excited to teach them. I know this change is gonna feel like 2 weeks...its gonna be balling.!! I am so grateful for the revelation Pres. Adams received for this change...I can't really complain.

This is my last official day as a missionary in Belize. I am beyond grateful for everything right now in the mission. I am a bottle of emotions right now....because Belize is an amazing place to be, let alone a missionary here. It's a great privilege to put on this plague and teach Spanish, Kriol, and English....I would feel ungrateful if I didn't mention that.  

I am super excited to go back to El Salvador with Elder Harris in Los Heroas.(name of the zone) But also I'm super sad to leave San Pedro. I have such a great love for these people out here on this beautiful island. I have learned so much so fast. I have learned more Spanish due to the translating I do here, it's kinda my calling they gave me since I'm the only one that could speak both Spanish and English.  I learned some amazing kriol from Belize city...the memories I have made here in Belize will always be sacred and special to me, I have learned to love so many people and reach out, but more importantly how to trust in Heavenly Father's plan he has for me...what he wants for me is more valuable then what I want for myself. 

I'm grateful, truly I am for all the wonderful experiences. But i know I'm on the next chapter of my missionary personal motto is now the words of Pres. Hinckley, "Don't get discouraged, things well work out". I try to live by that saying everyday of my mission, taking it day by day. I love this gospel and my companions. I would like to appreciate my time with Elder Merida, It's been amazing and we baptized an amazing family who loves the Lord. I couldn't have asked for a better time here as a missionary here in San Pedro!!!!!!!


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