Monday, January 30, 2017

Jan 30th - LA CIMA!

What´s up fam?

Yo what it iz... whats up? This week was super cool, I love my area I'm in and my companion and I have way too much fun here in ¨La Cima¨. The members love us, and feed us a ton of food!  I'm getting fat like no joke...pretty soon my pants won´t fit me.  All they give us is bread and soda, and we can´t say no...its soooo good. I love working here because the members trust us and give us a ton of referrals. We had 4 investigators in church the other day, because the members car pooled with them. We also do a lot of family home evenings, and they are super fun. It´s awesome to be in a ward where the members actually care about the missionary work. It's a little weird because its something I'm not used too...but the work is going super well. Work hard and eating well...hahaha!! My goal is to gain as much weight as I can...because Belize ruined me.

Yesterday in church, we had a ton of people show around 150. The ward is huge...every Sunday we go the house of the Montepeques...he is the 2nd counselor. We go to the temple (meaning his house is super nice) and we eat very steak and rice and beans every Sunday. I go into a food coma every time. Cool people!

Also had a super cool lesson with one of our investigators J. who came to church for the first thing is that he's a gangster and just got out of jail like 4 days ago, hahaha!  He loved church. He accepted a date for the 18 of this month. Apparently when he was in the prison he read the bible everyday and wants to make a change in is life...super cool guy.

We also had an awesome family home evening with the Perez family...the pic with a ton of people. The dad was a return missionary and is a baller about reading the Book of Mormon every night with his family...the spirit is so strong in that house. So much reminds me of the family home evenings we would do in my family. Loved it. 

Well, I hope you guys have a good day and start seeing your own miracles. There are a ton everyday we just are too prideful to see them. I love El Salvador, my ward, my comp, and my investigators. That´s why the time flies so fast...its kinda sad. I don´t want to think about much work to do.

Love you 


Elder Gee
Welcome to the Jungle!
The temple

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