Monday, January 23, 2017


Hola fam,

Hey what's up everybody?  So as you guys already know, I'm in El Salvador, and yes I love it!!!  My companion is Elder Harris, and yes he´s great uncle is Martin Harris, one of the 3 witnesses of the Book of Mormon....kinda cool, but then he was the one who lost the pages of Lehi.  Everyone gives him crap for it....including me and it´s super funny. He´s awesome, we have so much fun, the zone is awesome...its´called Los Heroas!  Its right in the center of the capitol.  Our area is a ward with a ton of members....everyone speaks English too...its awesome.  We get our laundry done for free...and everyday we eat lunch with a member....WOW!! It´s definitely something I'm not used to.  My area is called La Cima, aka Ontop!  We have an awesome view of the house.  But in the house it´s just me and Elder Harris, we have so much fun. We always crack jokes and have fun everyday...everyday is an adventure.  

The members love us and always want to help us and give us references...we have a couple of investigators that are doing great, and are progressing for the next month.  The first day Elder Harris took me to get Burger King....I loved it. Also in our area there is a gym, and yes we get swole and yes we drink protein.....I'm in heaven.  I think I have already gained like 3 pounds in less then a week...because Belize they don´t feed you hardly ever. 

I love my comp and my area...I swear every change gets better and better. I can´t really complain...the mission is the place to be right now.  Also Sunday I gave a talk on the First Vision...the Bishop saw us at the pupusaria and asked if we could give was Saturday night at 9 in the night when he told us this. I was a little ticked because I didn't have it prepared super well...but I was super good and the members loved it. 

The gospel is so true and I love the mission. I am honestly having the time of my life right now...I'm getting to the point in my mission where everyone says....Elder your getting close to finishing...but I don´t want to leave...EVER! I am in Heaven....doing nothing but blessing the lives of other people...I'm so at peace right´s amazing.



Saying, "Good-bye" to Elder M.

My buddy, Elder Rigby!

My trainer, it was so good to see him after 14 months.

My first meal back to San Salvador

My new companion, Elder Harris!

At the temple!

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