Monday, February 13, 2017


Que tal familia

Hey whats up? This week was super sick and fun. Elder Harris is now feeling better and eating normal foods so things are picking up again. We had a fun hardworking week.!! We had a interview with the Stake President, President Markland. (cool fact, he's actually from Utah, and he served his mission in the East mission) He and his wife are in our ward...they have little kids who make a ton of noise in the sacrament speaking English, its kinda cute!  But anyways, we had an interview with him on how the zone is doing in the ward, bishop, ward missionary leader, if or if not they are supporting us, stuff like that. Cool guy and loves El Salvador...he thinks its better than living in Utah....THATS A LIE! 

We had a zone conference, and it was a success. We talked about helping our investigators make commitments so that they can progress faster. We had a fun little activity where each companionship had to find hidden candies and each companionship had one that was blindfolded and the other one was handcuffed and the one that was handcuffed had to guide the other one to find the candies.  It's just like how we have to help our investigators make commitments, so many times they are blind to find the blessings. It was great and everyone participated.

We had 4 investigators come to church yesterday, super sick for our ward. We have one investigator that is named J.S, who has gotten out of jail since  3 weeks ago.  I don't know if it was a terrible crime because he was only there for 6 months, it probably was for drugs or something and he's only 19.  But the wife of the 2nd counselor of the temple, called a lawyer and helped him out...because he doesn't have family.  He currently works for her and her husband as a cleaner and a gardner. He is super sick...he read the bible everyday in the prison and wants to change his life super bad. He has 2 attendances for church, and will get baptized for the 25th of this month. Super happy for him and his progress he is making...for me its just a great feeling to know we are helping him repent and make changes in his life.

Well, thats the week so far, not too eventful but it was a good week. We did a free car wash and found some new people in the Los Heroes zone!

I love you guys and pray for you guys like a million times a day!!


Elder Gee aka El Chelito


We rallied the troops to help with the car wash.
Love that we got to hang with Elder Hallman!!

It was also Elder Harris' birthday yesterday...big 20!

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