Tuesday, February 7, 2017



Okay I know you all are thinking...what the heck are you writing us on a Tuesday...its a long story but its worth it trust me!! 

Everything in this zone is sick. My companion Elder Harris and I are having way too much fun...more fun then I think we should. Elder Harris and I are working super hard to get the zone going...because a couple of missionaries in our zone are discouraged.  Because in El Salvador you put up with a lot of rejections especially in the capital. A lot of expensive houses and people who think they are too good for the gospel, so its tough. SO my companion and I have to put up with that a lot...and the sisters in our zone complain a lot. Me and Elder Harris have to constantly remind them that we are not here to babysit them. So sometimes that can be stressful but not too much. The zone had interviews with the President of the mission...super spiritual experience. We talked about how the Senior Companion who is the Holy Ghost should always be guiding us. The question is...is the Holy Ghost your senior comp or your Junior comp? Or your not your comp at all? That's always what President Adams asks us on a daily basis. 

Any ways...the best part is on the way! So it turns out that my comp had a bad case of the food poisoning...during his interview he had to always leave because he had to go to the bathroom so bad. So after the interview, we left the church to go back to the area...when all a sudden he had to go again, only this time he was sprinting in a local mall.  Well, while I was enjoying a delicious McFlurry waiting outside for him, I come to find he had the double dragon.  So we had to call the nurse to call us a taxi, because we couldn't take a bus due to fear of throwing up there. So while we were on our way to the house and buying some medication, he made us pull over to the side to throw up!!  Okay at this point I was starting to feel bad for good ole Harris.  Well, we get to the house and the medication didn't help he threw up 4 more times. So we called the nurse and we went to the hospital...the nurses told him he had Food Poisoning and was badly intoxicated...that sucks bro!!  He was on bed rest for 4 days...and during that time I read almost the whole Book of Mormon and a ton of church movies (some like 4 times), I-spy, and Life Before the Mission. President Adams and Sister Adams came to visit us, because we didn't go to church...President Adams and I blessed the sacrament....oh and funny little side note. I blessed it in my pajamas...I've never done that before hahaha! The best part is that we didn't have to shave, we came home with beards. Good times man...well that's my week...not much but it would have been better if you were all here to see it.!! Now me and my companion are back home and we have to take it easy for a couple of days. But yeah the church is still true!!!





Good times at the leadership meeting!

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