Monday, February 27, 2017

Feb. 25th - STAYING IN EL CIMA!!

Yo fam, whats up! This week was super cool. Not too eventful this week, like last week but you guys already know that Elder Harris and I are balling so hard!!  We are staying together another change....yeah buddy! I'm super pumped about it. That means that we are gonna baptize the investigators and have more success! I'm super excited and so is my comp.

Well, this week we only had a Multizone with President and Sister Adams. To be completely honest, it kinda sucked because it was so long. We sat there for 5 hours straight about things we need to do better and rules we need to follow. I'm pretty sure he wasn't' happy and thats why he was macheting all the disobedient missionaries. I don't blame him tho...there are a lot of knucklehead missionaries that don't follow the rules. But it was fun i saw a bunch of homies.

As far as the work goes, things are getting kinda slow.  C. told us he wants to get baptized sometime this week.  Not sure when.  He will let us know. J.  hasn't come to church in like 2 weeks and he is kinda losing interest...put him in your prayers. He feels super uncomfortable with the Word of Wisdom, he has a problem with Tobacco. But he told us he is willing to try to see the difference. But as far as the work goes that is pretty much it. 

I love you guys I know I didn't write a lot but its because nothing happened this week. All that happened was work, work and work.  But its the best and I'm living the dream.

Elder Gee

This is Sister Monteque, she always makes us lunch on Sunday.
She's pretty much the BEST!!


My trainer!

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