Monday, March 20, 2017

March 20th - ENCHANDO FUEGO!

This week was pretty good, definitely not as exciting as the last one, but still me and Elder Harris manage to make everyday a blast!  The work here in La Cima is going great.  We are finding a ton of new investigators to teach, as a companionship our goal is 7 a week.  We found 8 and we were pumped about it. So that means we have new people to teach every day and not in the same houses. 

Elder Harris and I should be having two baptisms this week, they are named A. and M. E.  They are old timers, meaning they forget everything we teach them pretty much. They forgot we invited them for baptism!  But they are awesome and love what we teach them. They at least have desires to be baptized which is HUGE!  Also we taught their grandson who is named E.  who is positive as well, when he prayed he said, "Thanks God, for sending these two young men to my house. I think it might be a sign.¨  It was a sick prayer.  We plan to teach him more this week.  But pretty much that's it as far as exciting news for the work! 

A cool story that happened this week was Elder Harris and I preached on a bus, YEAH BUDDY LIKE THE OLD TIMES! We felt pretty legit I'm not gonna lie...we have some gnarly pics to show you. Elder Harris went first and while he was preaching I was passing out pamphlets on lesson 1, it was so cool.  Then it was my turn and let me tell ya it was pretty nerve racking preaching in front of people in a bus that looks at you weird-like.  ¨Who is this gringo think he's kidding?"   It was sick tho and we found some people who were at least willing to accept the pamphlet...hahaha thats a start! 

Love you guys and don't forget to pray and read the BofM as well!

P.S. For P-day all we are doing is going to the hospital to take out Elder Harris's toe nail....again. Yeah this is his 8th time record. Hahaha, keep us in your prayers!!

Elder Gee

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