Monday, March 27, 2017


Hey what's up everybody? How was your week? My week was pretty good, but also kinda crappy because our convert C. doesn't want to go to the church anymore and doesn't want us to visit him.  I know, it's kinda a huge shock to us as well. Put him in your prayers, we are planning to go to visit him this week. Pray that he comes around and decides to go back to church.  He didn't show up yesterday.  It's really disappointing and we took it pretty hard last night....part of me thinks its my fault.  Was it something I did or something I didn't do?  Idk its pretty tough to see your convert go south. I know the Lord will help us and him.

Anyways, some good news is that we found a sick new investigator who is 18 named Chris, he is super cool kid. We found him in a little shop where his grandma works and he noticed that we were talking to an old investigator in English, I noticed that he was trying to understand our conversation and so I went up to him and asked him if he understood? He said a little bit, and he asked me how me and my companion spoke the language so well.  We responded in the mission we learned it.  He was pretty overwhelmed by that, and then said, Ï would like to know more about your religion? So then we put an appointment with him and taught him a couple of days later. The lesson we taught him were UNREAL....he loves the message. He doesn't go to any church and knows a little bit of the bible.  He told us, that he feels that what we were teaching him was true. He came to church with us yesterday and loved it, he just felt awkward because he wasn't wearing a shirt and tie.....I told him ill give him mine! He really is super cool and has a date for the 9th of April. Put him in your prayers PLEASE, I want to baptize him sooooo bad!!!! 

Well, that was the week, today we are gonna go bowling. I will win this time....hahaha I will let you know how it goes. Read the scriptures, and express gratitude for what you have.....we have so much. Too much! All we see here in this country is people getting robbed, killed, and so much more. Its heart wrenching and its something I will never forget.  I'm always trying to remember how great the Lord was to me and how much he has blessed me with the opportunities that I have back home. The mission is unreal and I wouldn't trade it for anything in the world....its the best!!

Elder Gee


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