Monday, March 6, 2017


Yo fam,

This week was super cool!  Every week in the mission life is the best. Every week is flying by faster and faster. Its kinda crazy cuz I don´t want it to go by to quick...your only a missionary once in your life and you gotta make the most out of every moment that you have. But the week was good!

Last P-day we had a killer time playing soccer with the zone. The teams were, the A-team: Me (Gringo), My companion (Gringo), Elder H (Mexico) VS. the B-team: Elder A (Guatemala), Elder R (Panama), Elder Hernandez (Nicaragua). And guess who won............WE DID! Just some proof that Gringos have what it takes!!  We killed them to a game of was like 10 to 3! hahaha good times!

Well, the zone had some changes and some cool homies had to peace out for other places. Pretty sad because I was just getting to know some of them and they worked hard.  But the zone will be good.  But we had to see some homies Elder Osiek from Layton and Elder Maliga from Orem go home...It's cool tho because I'll probably see them at UVU... hahaha, belizedat!!   

So the good news is that we are gonna have a baptism on Friday with Hermano C.!  We are super pumped about it. He already has attended the church like 6 times with us and feels he is ready to do I said before he's a little crazy but God still loves him!  He kinda has a problem with drinking coffee and doesn't see a reason to stop until we came up with the brilliant idea to give him Hot Chocolate...hahaha!  We convinced him or trying to convince him that Hot Chocolate is better...he agreed.  So keep him in your prayers that all goes well this week!

Kinda crazy story that happened this week was a member of our ward Bro. Campos got jumped and was robbed of all his things.  They beat him up pretty bad and punched the majority of his teeth right now he's bed ridden for a whole month and can't eat anything but smoothies and soup.  We visited him last Friday and gave him a blessing and it was so cool because afterwards he started to be all spiritual and told us that not to worry because God gives us trials so that we can be! It was super spiritual! He is such a great example to others. Blessings work! Priesthood Power is real! Keep him in your prayers so that he can have a speedy recovery!

Well, that was the week pretty cool, eh? I hope you guys have a good week and don't forget to read and say your prayers!! Love you Guys!! Be grateful for what you have...because everyday I see broken homes and families that don't have the same blessings as we do. Living in El Salvador is a just remember to be grateful because we have so much!

Elder Gee



Saying goodbye to Elder Osiek
Elder Maliga with my companion photo bombing!

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