Monday, May 1, 2017


Yo fam, 

This week was super sick! Things in Armenia are doing a lot better and the work is getting better every week. We had some cool things happen this week....

So our baptism that we had planned...................HAPPENED! Yeah buddy! E. was so prepared it was so awesome. As you can see in the pics she is tiny. Her family is so great, they are fully active again because of her. Little children have some power I don't know what, but its amazing. They were all so happy. Elder B. did the ordinance, it was cool because it was his first time doing it in the mission. So he was over the moon, he was pumped. She got confirmed on Sunday as well, So its official she's a member of the church.!!! Another one bites the dust.....haha. 

This week was super good, we found like 8 news this week which was cool because everyday we are constantly busy teaching and helping. It's just the way I like it man....keeping me busy. The time flies by so fast its unreal....I cant believe I will be Skype again soon. Its unreal. 

Armenia is progressing nicely, we just got to be on top of everything. The ward needs a lot of help but I love it, it makes me humble and see the greater picture, Armenia is great and I love it here!!

Living the dream!!!!

Elder Gee

The baptism

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