Monday, May 15, 2017


Hey what's up everybody? This week was super cool, just trying to stay as busy as I possibly can so the time can pass by faster! I just trying to get them blessings. The mission is the best! Living the dream....always....LETS GO!

Well this week was a week of constant travel. We had to go to San Salvador for a dentist appointment for my comp, ROOT CANAL! I was pretty sad because he told me it was a constant throbbing pain, but he is all good now. So that was pretty cool to see the city again, I love San Salvador, I could see the Cima from where we were at. 

Well, as far as working goes...we are doing super well with our 11 baptismal dates we have for right now!! We are teaching a young girl named V., she's 18 and she is super pilas, aka ready to get baptized!! Its funny because the whole time we thought she was a member because we don't know very many people. But a member said, "Elder, you need to baptize her because she's not a member."  We were like, "Oops, alright!" and were on it hahaha! She's awesome, she already has 2 attendances. 

Our first lesson with her was super sick, she accepted everything and has no doubts of the church....she said, "I like your church because the teachers always focus on one subject at a time and don't always change the subject. I feel good she said and I want to be apart of this church. I believe its true!!" WOW......I didn't know how to respond because you know as a missionary you are always used to the rejections, but when something like this happens you need time to respond because you are speechless. It was awesome, this 27th of may she will be baptized.!! 

Yesterday we had ward conference, it was pretty cool, but a lot people don't come because of problems the ward has had in the past, basically it was an hour of listening to the stake president macheting the members. It was awesome and we were laughing the whole time. The ward needs a lot of organization and good leaders that are willing to work, but little by little we are getting there. Armenia is growing and turning around again!!

Love you guys! Keep the faith, read the scriptures, choose the right, no greater happiness than that!! The best way to teach the gospel is to live it!! Da el ejemplo!!


Elder Gee

Getting ready for my Mother's Day Skype...

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