Monday, May 8, 2017

May 8th - I LOVE MY MOMMA!!

Yo fam, 

Yo, what's up everybody? This week was pretty cool, a lot of things happened. And apparently I'm 21's kinda weird. But I can drink legally, hahaha... VEGAS BABY! 

Last Monday, we went to a American Restaurant called Buffalo, its not Buffalo Wild Wings, it's not the same but it had some good burgers. We went there and the employees sang to was funny and gave me a slice of cake for free....can't really complain. It was pretty good.....there is not much good cake and ice cream here in this country. After my comp bought me some ice cream and gave me a sick watch that he already had...its nice and has a tan leather band. He loves me!

For my birthday I was on interchanges with Elder H. my DL. It was cool, all we did was work and we worked HARD.  Just what I wanted for my bday. I nice long hard working day...after he bought me a pizza, nice guy! My district is the best!

Elder B. and I found 10 new investigators this week. It was super sick because that was our goal and we fulfilled it! So we are constantly busy which is how I like it. We have a sick family that we are currently teaching they are named S. and E., they have a daughter who is on a mission in Honduras, but they are not married or baptized. We need to fix that. We had a nice discussion about eternal families and baptism and they are pumped and have desires to be baptized and get married. We have date for the 3 of June! Working is going really good right now!

I just wanna give a shout out to my beautiful mother for giving birth to me....I know it was not easy, hahaha! But here we are and I am so grateful for you and everything you have taught me to be the best I can be. I love you forever Momma and I cant wait to see you Sunday!! last time! 

Elder GEE


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